Our ‘virtual’ approach to providing legal services for small and start-up businesses offers clients a range of unexpected benefits.

Despite being virtual, our consultation and education services allow us to be highly-commercial and strategic in our approach to your business.  We know and understand the legal requirements of small and start-up businesses and pride ourselves on being pro-active and sympathetic to your needs.

We also understand every business is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.  As standard practice, we undertake a no-charge, no-obligation legal health check to learn all we can about your business before we make any recommendations.

We make no assumptions.

We’ll then determine your needs and put a priority list together including costs for individual activities so you can determine what suits your business and your budget.

Our tools of trade are phone, email and Skype and this allows our clients the time and flexibility to work with us as it suits them – not the other way around.  Also, unlike most legal firms, we don’t charge for incidentals such as photocopying, faxing or phone calls.

In simple terms:

  • We are approachable
  • We are transparent about what we do, how we do it and how much it costs
  • We are efficient
  • We’ll deliver great services to you
  • We want to build long-lasting, trusting relationships and join you on your journey from start-up to successful business


While many firms talk of being ‘different,’ we are.

As dedicated small and start-up business lawyers, our practice does away with fixed overheads, fancy offices, rigid large-firm processes and ‘6 minute’ billing units. In place of these we offer mobility, commitment, flexibility and affordability.

Our talented and experienced lawyers are passionate about providing legal advice to small and start-up businesses and focus on solutions rather than the clock.

Our clients enjoy:

  • A dedicated focus on legal services for small and start-up businesses
  • All the commercial services offered by large law firms
  • On-going legal education
  • The familiarity of in-house legal counsel
  • The scalability and efficiency of outsourced legal services

We believe a change in legal services is long overdue.  Small business owners rarely have the time or interest to meet face-to-face with expensive law firms.  Nor do they have time (or funds) to engage in over-engineered legal activities.

Our virtual but committed approach ensures you get results without wasting time or money.