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As an online law firm (also known as a virtual law firm), we are passionate about finding creative ways to deliver legal services and make complicated processes easier for our clients.

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Our Difference

Whilst many law firms talk about being ‘different’, we are.

We provide timely, practical and affordable commercial law services to business owners and entrepreneurs, giving them the confidence to start, build and protect their business.

We specialise in business law, contract law, corporate and commercial law, drone law, and intellectual property.

What is a virtual law firm?

At LawBase, we call ourselves a “virtual law firm”, but do we actually mean it?

The benefits of working with an online law firm

One definition of “virtual” is “almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition”.  Under that definition are we “almost” a law firm?  Are we missing something?  Well yes…we are missing the mahogany smoked desks, the dusty law books, the lock-step hierarchy model, the antiquated long-winded legalese speak and writing, and the charging you for every second we think about your matter. 

What we are not missing is the attention to detail, the unwavering commitment to make your life easier, and to be the best at what we do so that you can focus on what you do best.

Another meaning of virtual is “occurring or existing primarily online.”  That’s how we started and that’s how many of our clients prefer to be served.  However, we are not “bots”, we do exist, and we are in Australia.  Despite our “virtual” offering, our head office is based in Sydney, but we use technology (email, telephone and online conferencing tools) to allow our team members to work remotely from anywhere in Australia.   

So, to sum it up, being a “virtual firm” is about flexibility – so we can serve you in the way that you want your legal services delivered, providing the legal solutions without the fuss.

Meet the LawBase Team

Meet our team, we work with clients all over Australia.

Catherin Higgins Lawyer in Sydney

Catherine Higgins


Catherine Higgins is a Sydney-based lawyer who is committed to providing affordable, yet highly strategic, practical solutions for businesses.

Catherine commenced her career as a paralegal – and later became a Managing Solicitor – in a boutique commercial law firm, while completing a double degree in Bachelor of Business (Management) and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Western Sydney.

Catherine graduated in 2009 and was admitted as a solicitor that same year.  In 2012, she started her own boutique commercial law firm and in 2016, graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Master of Law, specialising in corporate and commercial law.

Throughout her career, Catherine has appeared on behalf of her clients in the Local, District and Supreme Courts of New South Wales, as well as the Federal and High Courts of Australia, and has acted for large corporations, winning a number of multi-million-dollar cases against top tier firms.  Although finding these experiences rewarding, Catherine prefers to focus on delivering smart legal solutions for businesses, where the numbers are important, but the people aren’t just numbers.

As a result, she launched LawBase in December 2016, a virtual law firm which provides business owners access to comprehensive, but affordable legal services.

Catherine understands the legal needs of businesses and the unique challenges they face.  She believes that every business – no matter how small – deserves equal opportunity to exceptional legal advice and representation.

Tom Pils Solicitor in Sydney

Tom Pils

Senior Solicitor

Tom Pils has practised in general commercial law with a focus on litigation since 2013.  He has been responsible for numerous and varied matters in the Local, District, Supreme and Federal Courts.  This has included work on breach of contract, contempt of court, trademark infringement, and defamation matters.

Tom’s commercial practice has included the drafting and negotiation of a diverse range of commercial contracts, including service agreements, privacy policies, supply agreements and insurance policies.

In addition to his general commercial practice, Tom is a specialist in the area of drone law and is commonly referred to as “The Drone Lawyer”.

His expertise and knowledge includes a mandatory and detailed knowledge of aviation regulations, as well as an intimate understanding of the surrounding legal issues including contracts, intellectual property, privacy, and dispute resolution.

Tom is dedicated to educating drone service providers on legal and commercial issues.  Much of this is done by way of speaking at conferences and on podcasts, as well as being an avid writer of drone-related articles.

Tom is also President of the Association of Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc.

Overall, Tom’s experience puts him in a strong position to advise his clients on the legal implications of their commercial decisions.  He adopts an analytical and inquisitive approach to all matters where he strives to solve problems in a pragmatic and client-focused manner.


Maddison (Maddi) Crawford


Maddi is currently a fourth-year law student at the University of Wollongong. She is undertaking a double degree in a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in International Relations.

Maddi has previously worked as a family and criminal law paralegal. She has always desired to work in the commercial legal sector and is now assisting Catherine and Tom with their matters.

Maddi is dedicated and hardworking which will allow her to assist Catherine and Tom in providing legal solutions in a client-focused manner.