Letters of demand

A letter of demand is sent when a party is owed money by a business, and money remains unpaid despite attempts to collect it. It often foreshadows legal proceedings if the receipt of the letter still fails to produce payment.

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Important information about Letters of demand

When writing a letter of demand, it is important to address it to the correct individual or entity. If, for example, the business name is incorrect, then the receiver may ignore the letter. The contents of the letter should also include relevant and accurate information, such as the date and total amount of any unpaid invoice(s), and any previous attempts to recover the debt. The letter should also contain supporting documentation that clearly demonstrates the amount due.

A letter of demand originating from a lawyer may encourage quicker payment, as the other party can see that the sender takes the unpaid debt seriously and is prepared to take legal action.

Ideally, a letter should be sent via tracked post with signature on delivery, as if the letter is used as evidence in later court proceedings, delivery of the letter can be proved.

Although it is frustrating to have debts unpaid, the tone and content of the letter should always remain respectful and professional.

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