Cyber security policy

With the rise in the use of the internet to conduct financial transactions, it is vital that businesses take steps to protect the data and information they store.

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How can cyber security policies help?

A cyber security policy can guide a business in how they deal with sensitive and confidential information, including the use of such information by employees.

At a minimum, a cyber security policy should set out how the financial information, employee data and consumer information it stores can be used. The scope of such a policy should be broad enough to cover all employees and other workers at the company, and should provide restrictions on the transfer of data and how any company-issued devices can be used in a personal capacity.

A cyber security policy may also extend to rules regarding how suspicious or spam emails should be dealt with and any disciplinary proceedings that may arise if the terms of the policy are breached.

At Lawbase, we can undertake a comprehensive review of any current policy and provide a customised cyber security policy to suit the unique needs of your business.

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