LawBase Returns Bigger and Better for 2023

LawBase has officially reopened for 2023

The team are looking forward to continuing to provide the best services for our clients in the coming year.

Our team enjoyed a relaxing break over the holidays and are returning fresh and ready to assist our clients with their commercial law needs.

As the past few years have been married with the impacts of COVID, our team took full advantage of the lessened restrictions and open borders.

Catherine spent her holidays taking time for herself and her family. This included taking a relaxing family vacation to the Gold Coast!

Tom celebrated Christmas with his family, including his daughter’s first Christmas! His holidays were spent with plenty of time outside hiking and going on trips around Queensland.

Maddi spent Christmas doting on her nieces and nephews and then escaped Australia for an international cruise!

So, it is safe to say our team are well rested after the exciting year that was 2022.

Now that our team is back at work, we have hit the ground running and are so excited for the year ahead and the opportunity to work with our amazing clients and partners.